First record of the diatom Chrysanthemodiscus floriatus Mann 1925, (Chrysanthemodiscaceae) in the Caribbean coast of Colombia
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Vidal, L. A., Quiroga, S., & García-Urueña, R. (2015). First record of the diatom Chrysanthemodiscus floriatus Mann 1925, (Chrysanthemodiscaceae) in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Intropica, 10(1), 100–102. Recuperado a partir de


From the observation of micropreparations of diatoms of epiphytic habits, deposited as reference material in the collection of macroalgae Germán Bula-Meyer, from the Centro de Colecciones Biológicas de Universidad del Magdalena, we obtained the first record of the benthic diatom Chrisanthemodiscus floriatus Mann 1925, (Chrysanthemodiscaceae), to the Colombian Caribbean, in the Bay of Cinto in the Tayrona National Park , Magdalena-Colombia; its distribution known so far was in the northern hemisphere between 5 and 30°

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Caribe colombiano; Chrysanthemodiscus floriatus; Diatomeas Colombian Caribbean; Chrysanthemodiscus floriatus; Diatoms
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